Il duello alcomico

Title: Il duello alcomico
Composer: Maniaci, Alberto
Libretto: Cavallotti, Alberto
Duration: 01:14:00
Code N°: WKY18021
Publisher: Edizioni Musicali Wicky

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Freely inspired by Paisiello's comic duel. We are in the new restaurant that Totò, a chef who made a career in Paris, has recently opened in Palermo and is the new attraction of the city nightlife. It is precisely from "Chez Totò" that Tancredi, a young scion of the good Palermo, accompanies Solange, called Chérie, a young Parisian designer who moved to the city and is in love with her. Once at the bar, they are welcomed by Totò who is an old friend of Tancredi but also of Calogero, another suitor of Chérie who also comes to drink. Then begins a mix of funny situations, misunderstandings and gags managed by Totò, by his two waiters Simone and Rosalia and by Cettina, girlfriend abandoned by Calogero. A game of couples in which Totò, a little histrionic and a little 'Deus ex machina, undoes and renews new loves and old friendships.

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