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We are an Italian music publishing company, Edizioni Musicali Wicky (EMW), founded in 1989 by Piero Michi (musician and teacher, as well as our Artistic Manager) and based in Milan, Italy. From the very beginning our company plays a key role in the research and promotion of composers (Italian and not), an artistic and human heritage of great value. Our production philosophy, geared towards complete independence, ranges from the publication of all kinds of serious and distinguished music, from the Opera, Music & Theatre, to Symphonic music, Concert Band and Musical Comedies. Our “mission”, besides publishing works of established composers, is to give voice to the works of young and very often unknown talented composers destined for great careers.

Our musical fairy tales of the series "Music & Theatre", available for very different formations, as well as being translated into many languages and performed worldwide: Teatro Massimo of Palermo, I Pomeriggi Musicali of Milan, Orchester de Chambre de Paris, l' OCP, Conservatory of Milan and Lausanne, just to mention some, are one of our most successful publications in the past 15 years. Particular attention is given by us to the Lyric Opera, a typically Italian product. Some of our works have already taken a course in opera houses, including "Schicchi and Puccini" by Sergio Monterisi, first performed at the Teatro Municipale in Piacenza, "Falcone and Borsellino (ovvero il Muro dei Martiri)" by Antonio Fortunato, first performed at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa. International top musicians cooperate with us in the creation and diffusion of contemporary music which can find space in the concert hall, next to the classical repertoire.

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