Balmelli, Carlo

Carlo Balmelli (b.9 may 1969)After finishing school he started his trombone studies at the music academy in Berne with Branimir Slokar. In 1991 he obtained his certificate of studies with grade "very good" and in 1993 he passed the examination for the "Superior Certificate of Studies" with honour. Since 1989, Carlo Balmelli is a member of the trombone quartet "Quattromboni" and since 1996 of the "Swiss Brass Consort". From 1986 until 1989 he attended conducting studies of the EMV. In 1990 he began the education of master of chapel with Dr Ewald Körner at the music academy in Berne and completed simultaneously studies for further development with Horst Stein in Basel, Ralf Weikert in Zurich and Gustav Kuhn in Milan. In 1995 he obtained the certificate of wind music "grade A" at the music academy in Lucerne with Josef Gnos. He founded the wind orchestra of the southern part of Switzerland, which was immediately very well accepted in this area. Since 1992 he has also been the conductor of the town band of Mendrisio. Carlo Balmelli teaches in various music schools in the canton of Tessin and occasionally he plays the trombone in several orchestras.

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