You You

Roscio Mattia

Instrumentation Youth Choir
Size: Partitura e Parti
Title You You
Composer Roscio, Mattia
Genre Classical Pop
Difficulty I/II
Duration 00:04:00
Code N° WKY14031
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


score 6 pag. • for mixed Choir (SCB) • Language Choir: English • Set includes 10 Choral parts • Description: This piece was created as an incentive to the development of youth choirs. The text refers to the current society, the shared malaise that is fed by too many tears shed and the lack of smiles. We therefore seek external stimulation to feel alive, full of energy. In this context, the music becomes one of these stimulations, which recharges the mind and allows everyone to live and smile.


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