Sanson Beniamino

Instrumentation Bassoon and Piano
Size: Partitura e Parti
Title Racconto
Composer Sanson, Beniamino
Genre musica classica
Difficulty I
Duration 00:04:00
Code N° WKY1099
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Book - 5 pages -11th International Composition Contest for solo Instrument "Euritmia" at Povoletto (Italy) 2010. The rhythmic and harmonic palette that Benjamin Sanson uses in forming the sound pays much attention to the nuances and meanings of music, explored and presented with a wealth of instrumental colors, tonal and metric. Often it is the surprise with his amazing strength to form the basis of his compositional research: the splendor of nature, the mystery of poetry, the author leads to a spontaneous composition that alternates between rapid and decisive moments of magic flavor to other dynamic suspension. The dissonance is treated with great freedom of expression, often as a function of tone, and the generative cells of the musical figures are modeled on the structure and composition of the text in a continuous stream. (Luisa Zecchinelli)   The composition Racconto aims to recreate the evocative atmosphere of the ancient Venetian narratives of fairy tales, handed down from grandparents to grandchildren. In particular, the author - born and raised in Vittorio Veneto - refers to the legends of Mazzariol (a mischievous elf red and fluffy) and Anguane ("Fate of Water").


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