Waignein Andrè

Instrumentation Choir and Piano
Size: A3
Title Magnificat
Composer Waignein, Andrè
Genre musica sacra
Difficulty III/IV
Duration 00:41:40
Code N° WKY21002
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


In the frame of Lille 2004 (Cultural City of Europe), the European Choral Society commissioned “Magnificat” for Choir, Soprano and Wind Orchestra • The world premiere took place in Lille (F) 2004 • The composition develops maximum creativity of the late Flemish composer • The composition comprises the following titles: Anima mea • In montibus hic saliens • Quia fecit mihi magna • Et misericordia • Fecit potentiam • Dormi fili • Esurientes • Gloria patri


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