Il valore di un incontro

Piraino Simone

Instrumentation String Orchestra
Size: A3
Title Il valore di un incontro
Composer Piraino, Simone
Genre Contemporaneo
Difficulty II/III
Duration 00:05:20
Code N° WKY19024
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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Written between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 for the “International Classical
Palermo Festival”, it is a piece that faithfully reflects many of my artistic-compositional
convictions. The sweet and at the same time suffering melodic lines, always turned towards
the high, reveal a spasmodic search for that Infinite towards which each man’s heart
stretches in its singularity (the melodic lines that emerge) and in its collective being (the base
foundational and repetitive harmonica); the harmony is tonal, clear and yet contaminated
by extraneous notes in diatonic or chromatic clashes that, however, do not take away from the
calmness, sign of a positive reality and vehicle of encounter with the Beauty that surrounds us.
A sweet game of encounters within a constant rhythmic-harmonic carpet, like the stroke of
every single daily moment.


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