Giuseppe Marasco 10 studi per clarinetto

Marasco Giuseppe

Instrumentation CD
Size: CD
Title Giuseppe Marasco 10 studi per clarinetto
Composer Marasco, Giuseppe
Genre musica classica
Difficulty V
Duration 00:52:25
Code N° WKYCD2101
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


 Solo Clarinet Salvatore Botta

Giuseppe Marasco was born on the 7th of March 1860 at Monteleone Calabro (nowadays Vibo Valentia). In 1878 he moved to Venice where he studied clarinet with Aurelio Magnani, composition and counterpoint with Reginaldo Grazzini at the School of Music where he obtained his diploma in 1883. From 1883 to 1930 he succeeded his teacher giving lessons for the clarinet and wind ensembles. He performed mainly in Venice where he became first clarinet at the Fenice theatre and with the Venetian Orchestral Society. He wrote various studies and fantasies for clarinet and in 1902 he published with Ricordi “10 studies for perfecting on the clarinet”, a work praised for its high didactic value and which was adopted in the Ministerial programme for the diploma examination for clarinet in national schools and conservatories of music. Giuseppe Marasco performed till his last days always
receiving acclaim for his production of a beautiful sound and for his impeccable virtuosity. He died in Venice on 28th May 1930. Translation by John Picking


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