Eia mater fons amoris (Stabat Mater)

Pergolesi Giovan Battista

Instrumentation alto and concert band
Size: Partitura e Parti
Title Eia mater fons amoris (Stabat Mater)
Composer Pergolesi, Giovan Battista
Arrangiatore: Gelmi, Oscar
Genre Trascrizione
Difficulty III
Duration 00:03:03
Code N° WKY0705
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was born in Jesi in 1710 and died in Naples in 1736. Despite dying so young, and spending only five years composing, Pergolesi bequeathed us a considerable amount of work. Compared to both his predecessors and contemporaries, his compositions are notable for their concentration of form and simplicity of construction; The most notable example can be found in Stabat Mater, one of the few eighteenth century Italian compositions to remain an ever present part of today’s musical repertories.


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