Capriccio Scozzese ( Scottish Caprice )

Fraser Bruce

Instrumentation Flute and Concert Band
Size: Partitura e Parti
Title Capriccio Scozzese ( Scottish Caprice )
Composer Fraser, Bruce
Genre musica classica
Difficulty IV
Duration 00:08:00
Code N° WKY13029
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


score 44 pag. • For Flute (diff. VI) and Symphonic Band (diff. IV) • Capriccio scozzese (Scottish Caprice) for Flute and Concert Band was dedicated to Marco Zoni, Principal Flute in the La Scala Orchestra of Milano. The work was premiered on January 20, 2014 at the Teatro alla Scala of Milan by Marco Zoni's Flute Orchestra Zephyrus. • Description: The idea was to combine traditional Italian and Scottish styles in a work which would be demanding and musical for the soloist, and also playable by a good concert band. The work is based on a small musical cell of only two notes - A and C - the musical letters in Marco Zoni's name. A brief introduction is followed by the flute entry which shows off the skill of the soloist. The style is based around the Scottish dance - the Jig, which is a flowing 2 in the bar in simple time. There is a lot of interplay between the soloist and the band and the tempo slows to a 3 in the bar compound time Andante, which is in the style of an Italian ballad. This section gives the soloist the opportunity to show musical interpretation and sound qualities, soaring above the band accompaniment. This section ends with a brief cadenza, then the final section begins with drums evoking fast Jig dance music. This is a fast and furious section with lots of conversations between soloist and band. Both Scottish and Italian themes from earlier in the work are combined to lead to a fiery finish.


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