Cade la Pioggia

Ganzerla Cristina

Instrumentation Children's Choir
Size: Partitura e Parti
Title Cade la Pioggia
Composer Ganzerla Cristina
Genre musica classica
Difficulty II
Duration 00:04:00
Code N° WKY12012
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Text language: Italian • Choir parts included (n. 10) • This piece was conceived for spatialized choir : divided into two parts marked by 1 and 2. The two groups thus obtained will settle divided, one right and one left-side. The central area is reserved for the metallophone. In the end, when they start yawning, every child must leave the line and find a place to lie down and sleep. I recommend to occupy all the available space, maybe even in the audience. In the last three beats speech must be done by a few children. At the end of the song, as if in a hypnotic song, everyone is asleep, also who plays the metallophone (the last one to fall asleep will be the Director).


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