Break the ice

Maniaci Alberto

Instrumentation Flute and Piano
Size: A3
Title Break the ice
Composer Maniaci, Alberto
Genre Contemporaneo
Difficulty V
Duration 00:06:15
Pages 20
Code N° WKY19026
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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For Piccolo and Piano

Born from the evolution of the music piece "colours inside", "Break the Ice" is built on a few thematic elements mainly in the rhythm of 6/4. Alternate high accounting phrases with phrases where the predominant element is rhythm. Written on the occasion of a commission for a final exam of a specialization course in Piccolo, this title was thought of as a "wish" for the performer, so that he could "break the ice" during the performance. By transitivity it can be understood as a take of courage when you have to face something complex during your life.


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