Band Overture

Di Marino Roberto

Instrumentation Concert Band
Size: A3
Title Band Overture
Composer Di Marino, Roberto
Genre musica classica
Difficulty IV
Duration 00:03:26
Code N° WKY9619
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


World Première by the Grande Banda Rappresentativa of Trente (Italy) during the Midwest Clinic at Chicago in 1998 conducted by Philip Sparke and Marco Bazzoli • Band Overture is a short, pleasant composition with a brilliant sound, ideal as a concert opener or closer. It was written to provide, in a short period of time, a variety of compositive writings and as much as possible appropriate to the technical characteristics of the various wind instruments. After a strongly confirmative introduction, a first heroic theme appears, vigorously performed by the horns and trumpets. This is followed by a second theme, contrasting with the former for its light and humoristic performance rapidly passing between the various woods: piccolo, oboe, flute, bassoon and clarinet. Successively a brief episode of the initial development of the theme, after which the second theme is picked up again with great array of sound. The composition ends with a strongly rhythmic queue which suddenly stops on an overlapping of chords strongly dissonant between each other.


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