8 Giugno 1859

Marzi Marco

Instrumentation Concert Band
Size: A3
Title 8 Giugno 1859
Composer Marzi, Marco
Genre musica classica
Difficulty IV
Duration 00:11:24
Code N° WKY0235
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


The battle was fought on 8 June 1859 in Melegnano, at the gates of Milan, a few days after that of Magenta who liberated Lombardy from the Austro - Hungarian Empire. The fight took place between the Austrian troops who had settled in the city and the zuave troops of the French army. In a few hours, under a furious storm, there was a bloody battle in the streets of the city that left on the ground, dead and wounded, about 2,200 men. The victory went to the French troops. The inhabitants of Melegnano picked up the fallen of both sides in a valuable monument ossuary, a commemoration is held every year.


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