Tu che mi hai preso il Cuor (frm Land of Smiles)

Lèhar Franz

Formazione Soprano, Tenore e Banda
Formato: Partitura e Parti
Titolo Tu che mi hai preso il Cuor (frm Land of Smiles)
Compositore Lèhar, Franz
Arrangiatore: Belloli, Paolo
Genere Trascrizione
Difficoltà III
Durata 00:04:00
Codice WKY0856
Editore Edizioni Musicali Wicky


- Registrazione completa su CD "DEMO EMW Vol. 3" - WKYCD0925- da "Il Paese del Sorriso" - 1929 is a 'romantic' operetta in three acts by Franz Lehár. The German language libretto was by Ludwig Herzer and Fritz Löhner. This was one of Lehár's later works, and has a bittersweet ending which the Viennese loved. The title refers to the Chinese custom of smiling, whatever happens in life. (The leading character, Prince Sou-Chong has a song early in the show, "Immer nur lächeln" ("Always smiling") which describes this.)The operetta is set in Vienna and China in 1912. In Act I, in Vienna, the heroine Lisa, a Countess, marries a Chinese prince and returns with him to his homeland despite the warnings of her friends and family. In Act II, in Beijing, she finds that she is unable to come to terms with his culture, and especially that he must take other wives. He assures her that it's just a formality, but unhappiness is inevitable, and she is locked in the palace. Her love changes to hate. In Act III, Prince Sou-Chong is left alone, while his beloved Lisa returns to her homeland. His sister, Princess Mi had also become attached to the Viennese official Gustav, and so the ending is doubly sad. But the prince respects the rule of his custom: always smile.


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