Tre Canti popolari Italiani


Formation Guitare Seule
Format: libro
Titre Tre Canti popolari Italiani
Compositeur Tradizionale
Arrangiatore: De Simone, Fabio
Genre arrangiamento
Niveau I
Durée 00:05:00
N° Code WKY11019
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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The three arrangements of Italian folk songs are based on folk melodies from three italian geographical areas: The North (La Bella Gigogin), The Centre (La Società dei Magnaccioni "Ma che ce frega, ma che ce importa") and South (Vitti'na crozza) • All works were elaborated in accordance with performance practices and techniques of the classical guitar • "La Bella Gigogin"is a patriotic song of the Italian nineteenth century, written in 1858 by the Milanese composer Paul Giorza who was inspired by some popular Lombard-Piedmont songs • "Ma che ce frega, ma che ce importa" is one of the most popular Roman songs sung and known by all Italians • "Vitti'na crozza"is one of the most famous Sicilian songs recorded for the first time by the Record Label Cetra in 1951 with tenor Michelangelo Verso and performed, among others, by Domenico Modugno and Rosa Balistreri •


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