Isla de Oblio (Second Part)

Martinotti Stefano

Formation Orchestre d'Harmonie
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titre Isla de Oblio (Second Part)
Compositeur Martinotti, Stefano
Genre Contemporaneo
Niveau VI
Durée 00:11:25
N° Code WKY9827
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Contest Piece - Included in the list of suggested competition pieces (category Excellence)of the International Symphonic Band Contest Flicorno d'Oro - Riva del Garda - Italy - “Isla de Oblio” is a wide and articulated composition in which the most evident reference is that of the postminimalism. This work is dedicated to the grand argentinian musician Astor Piazzolla who magnificantly succeeded in merging his own cultured background as musician with that of the popular music and of the technique of Jazz improvisation, all this in an original and quite personal manner. The composition by Stefano Martinotti comprises the Prelude (WKY0034) and the Second Part


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