Immagini in Musica

Morelli Walter

Formation Percussion
Format: libro
Titre Immagini in Musica
Compositeur Morelli, Walter
Genre Didattica
Niveau I
N° Code WKY12004
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Book 26 pages • 20 studies • These short pieces are finalized to the use of four sticks even when apparently they do not seem necessary, it is important that the student is familiar with this practice so he can use both the internal and external sticks with both hands. Since some studies require some experience and ability to perform on behalf of the student, I wrote them so that they can also be played by two players, giving the opportunity to less experienced and younger students to practice and by inserting two specially composed works for two performers. In some studies I have added some percussion instrument to liven up, such as: gong, wood block, splash plate, siren, all easily available and often supplied by the music schools. I wish you all a good job. Walter Morelli


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