Forte di Bard

Morello Andrea

Formation Orchestre d'Harmonie
Format: A3
Titre Forte di Bard
Compositeur Morello, Andrea
Genre Poema Sinfonico
Niveau IV
Durée 00:09:50
N° Code WKY0759
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Forte di Bard, the history in music of one of the oldest fortifications in the Aosta Valley.  Built by the Romans as a Fortified Castrum, its walls have seen the history of the invasions involving Italy, starting from the Lombards up to Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte, entrusted as the leader of the Revolution’s Expeditionary Corps for the first Italian campaign, at first underestimated the possibility of resistance at”château de Bard”. He had to finally modify his plan and his march to conquer Piedmont which was 16 days later as planned! After its destruction by Napoleon, it was rebuilt under the reign of Carlo Felice di Savoia. Demilitarized in 1974, after a careful restoration, from January 2006, is home to the Museum of the Alps


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