Craving for love

Piraino Simone

Formation Piano Solo
Format: A4
Titre Craving for love
Compositeur Piraino, Simone
Genre Contemporaneo
Niveau III
Durée 00:05:55
Pages 4
N° Code wky18023
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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Love is, perhaps, the most important of human feelings. A true and strong desire turns into craving, the climax of the feeling of love. In my music, a composition in tripartite form (A-B-A'), a melancholy desire (A) grows (a little more) until it becomes craving (B, with the same thematic cell). But the truth of a "true love" lies in its simplicity, a daily flow of a full yet melancholy desire: an endless desire (A').


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