Runtz Dawid Jan

Formation Flute Traversière
Format: libro
Titre Capriccio
Compositeur Runtz, Dawid Jan
Genre Contemporaneo
Niveau VI
Durée 00:06:50
N° Code WKY1062
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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Book - 6 pages -11th International Composition Contest for solo Instrument "Euritmia" at Povoletto (Italy) 2010. The idea of composing the virtuoso piece "Capriccio" per flauto solo was to expose the technical and performing capacity of the flute player. Both bright and dark timbres of this instrument possess the extensive palette of sounds which was fully implemented. Applied composer means make the piece a modern composition, demanding a high level of not only manual abilities from the performer. Through the dynamic melodics "Capriccio" brings anxiety, relieved afterwards and transformed into a melodious cantilena. Frequent, purposeful metric transformations lead to the effect of changeability in the character and mood of the piece. Furthermore, numerous agogic alterations, fermatas and ornaments offer a chance of an individualistic, virtuoso like performance. Eventually, "Capriccio" per flauto solo is a musical expression of accumulated what is the music if not the expression of the inner world? David Jan Runtz


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