Ave Maria

Maniaci Alberto

Formation Choeur Mixte (SATB)
Format: Partitura Coro
Titre Ave Maria
Compositeur Maniaci, Alberto
Genre musica sacra
Niveau I
Durée 00:02:40
N° Code WKY15006
Edition Edizioni Musicali Wicky


• Choir score 3 pag. • Mixed Choir (SCTB) • Text language: Latin • The set comprises n. 16 choir parts • This short piece for four mixed voices was composed in December 2013 on commission of the euphoné vocal group. I wanted to imagine a piece that respected the 16th century choral tradition but looked out elegantly to the music of our day. The bright shades of F major leaves room to short internal modulations to the relative minor and the tonality of B flat major. The resumption of "Sancta Maria" in Fa major represents a clear desire to assert with the initial tone the magnificence of the meaning of the marian text. The final "Amen", however, leaves suspended the musical discontinuity, since it does not solve the plant tone but the key of A major. A much-fought compositional choice, which was however convenient to affirm my idea of eternity that the text suggested • Alberto Maniaci


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