La Suite dei Templi


Instrumentation Symphonic Orchestra
Size: A3
Title La Suite dei Templi
Composer Vari
Genre Contemporaneo
Difficulty IV/V
Duration 00:59:20
Pages 178
Code N° WKY22001
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Composers: Simone Piraino (Giunone) • Alberto Maniaci (Hercules) • Salvatore Sciarratta (Tempio di Hera - Prologo) • Giacomo Tantillo (Vulcano) • Rita Ninfa Collura (Castor Kai Pollux) • Sergio Cali (Zeu! Zeu!) • Ernesto Marciante (Concordia) • An idea born from the desire to give life to a new Symphonic and Jazz Opera dedicated to the great and priceless artistic and cultural heritage of the Sicilian Archaeological Parks and the glorious history of the myths they represent, transposing them into music.

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