Gira vota e firrìa

Maniaci Alberto

Instrumentation Piccolo
Size: A3
Title Gira vota e firrìa
Composer Maniaci, Alberto
Genre Contemporaneo
Difficulty IV/V
Duration 00:03:15
Code N° WKY20020
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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Piccolo and Piano

“Gira, vota e firrìa” is a saying of the Sicilian dialect that indicates a particular situation in which the person finds himself, after a series of events or vicissitudes, always at the same starting point. It is the language of the Mediterranean, of the colors and sounds of Sicily that are evoked in the course of the composition. The constant ternary rhythm of 12/16, as if it were a tarantella or a pizzica from Salento, lead the listener to immerse themselves in a context where rhythm is the constant element of the work. The piece, in tripartite form ABA with a coda (C), develops constantly in the key of A minor (the mode is typical of Mediterranean popular music), where even section B - with slight inflections of jazz language - maintains its character and the constant color of the Mediterranean language. Of particular mention is the tail (C) where the polyrhythm becomes the supporting element of the section. The 12/16 = 3/4 equivalence creates a rhythmic game where the language already used is mixed with that of Latin America, with Samba in 3/4, building a completely unusual sound but with a rather effective rendering. In this piece, the Piccolo lives elements of strong virtuosity in the typical sounds of popular music and which refer - almost as if it were a quotation - to the "friscalettu" of Sicilian culture. The piano turned out to be the most suitable rhythmic “engine” to support all these compositional “games”.


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