Buonasera Mister G.

Gaber Giorgio

Instrumentation Concert Band
Size: A3
Title Buonasera Mister G.
Composer Gaber, Giorgio
Arrangiatore: Marzi, Marco
Genre musica pop italiana
Difficulty III
Duration 00:05:29
Code N° WKY0302
Publisher Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Songlist: lu primmo ammore - com'è bella la città - tropedo blu; Giorgio Gaber came through half a century of Italian and particularly Milanese culture. His career began in the Fifties as a guitarist in a group which Luigi Tenco belonged to. At the same time approached the rock making up a duo with Enzo Jannacci. In the Sixties his songs claimed everyone‚s attention because of both their catchiness and the contents very often ironical that highlighted the Italian society contradictions. Giorgio Gaber worked even in the theatrical field with such performances as Il Giorgio e la Maria and Il Signor G. His musical and human style has always been temperate and refined as well as characterized by a carefulness toward the modern society events. Never rowdy, nor interfering, but always clear-minded and present with disenchanted irony.


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