Ioanne Angelo, Un Segno di Dio

Danieli Irlando

Besetzung Erzähler, Chor und gemischte Besetzung
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titel Ioanne Angelo, Un Segno di Dio
Komponist Danieli, Irlando
Genre musica sacra
Schwierigkeit I
Code N° WKY10100
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Oratory in Nine Scenes for Soloists, Narrator, Children's Choir, Female Chorus, Choir of Mixed Voices, Flute, Cello, 2 Harps, Organ, Bells and Percussions. • Premiere at the Basilica of San Carlo al Corso, Milan (Italy) - October 23, 2011 • The evocative scene of the Basilica of San Carlo al Corso (Milan, Italy) is the ideal scenography for the premiere of the opera "Ioanna Angelo, a sign of God" by Irlando Danieli. "One of the reasons that led me to this choice is a fascinating similarity between the figure of Angelo Ioanna, served monk who lived between the fifteenth and sixteenth century, and St. Francis of Assisi, to which I devoted many of my pages", says the composer, who set the story of the protagonist in a kaleidoscope of characters and situations that cross the time, from 1400 to the Renaissance until the contemporary. So I wanted to tell, through music, the size of hidden humble professed humility and inner wealth of poverty as a choice of life. "Message more relevant than ever, that covers this touching, poetic, mystical opera revisiting the story to speak of today. A story that points to the heart of the listener, wrapping him in its enchanting magic. A reflection on solidarity, on the many possible openings towards the outside world, increasingly multiethnic and constantly changing • Zoraide Cremonini, “Vogue” Italia


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