Io vado, ci vediamo lunedì...(Giovanni Falcone)

Marzi Marco

Besetzung Akteur und Blasorchester
Format: A3
Titel Io vado, ci vediamo lunedì...(Giovanni Falcone)
Komponist Marzi, Marco
Auteur de texte Scafidi Gianfranco - Lazzeri Serena
Genre Musica e Teatro
Schwierigkeit III
Dauer 00:25:10
Code N° WKY13025
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Score 68 pages • Through a careful research, the life and work of Giovanni Falcone, a portrait of the personalities and events that have characterized an historical period in Italy. Giovanni Falcone (1939-1992) was an italian magistrate. He spent most of his carreer trying to fight the Sicilian Mafia. He was murdered, together with his wife and officers of the escort on the motorway near the City of Capaci, Sicily.


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