Il Quaderno di Flauto

Ganzerla Cristina

Besetzung Blockflöte und divers
Format: libro
Titel Il Quaderno di Flauto
Komponist Ganzerla Cristina
Genre Didattica
Schwierigkeit I
Code N° WKY12029
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Book 28 pages • THE NOTEBOOK OF RECORDER (and of DIY) is presented as an anthological work for the Primary School (for children from 6 up to 11 years); The fifteen original songs, are very easy to prepare and emphasize also moments of life and characters in schools of the child. The pieces are accompanied by small instruments ad libitum which have the function to enrich the musical language. The small instruments can be easily constructed with little patience using recycled materials ; The cards will guide you step by step. The book includes the following 15 original pieces: everyone at school • talk • speech with his grandfather • The grandmother tells • autumn • trick • Treat • Winter • the shepherds singing • Harlequin and Pulcinella • at work with Dad • Spring • the song of mom • bells • the party •


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