Il Panciotto Fatato

Ortolano Nunzio

Besetzung Erzähler, Kinderstimme und Blas Ensemble
Format: A3
Titel Il Panciotto Fatato
Komponist Ortolano, Nunzio
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit IV
Dauer 00:30:00
Code N° WKY0621
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Für Erzähler, Kinderstimme und Blas Ensemble (6+) • Language Text: Italian (other languages available on request) • Riccio, the young protagonist, works as an apprentice in the workshop of a blacksmith. One day the King arrives to the workshop followed by guards to fix the iron of his horse. Riccio works very well and the King, to reward him, gives him a gold coin. Riccio uses the coin to get himself a waistcoat packed. Back home he puts the vest on the chair at the foot of the bed and magically the waistcoat comes alive and speaks to him (a child's singing voice) The waistcoat explains to him that he will make him meet the king's daughter, The Princess Margherita, of which Riccio is secretly in love, and if he will be good and honest the waistcoat will satisfy his desires. Riccio says he will need money to meet the desires, and the waistcoat replies that if his body will be leaner in his waistcoat pocket he will find the gold coins. Riccio tries the waistcoat on which fits perfectly, and goes to the tavern, orders food and eats so much that he needs to unbutton his waistcoat and shirt, at the end of the dinner when it's time to pay he realizes that he is unable to button his vest and thus can not find any gold coins. The innkeeper makes him put in prison and after a week Riccio manages to button his vest and pay the innkeeper's bill. Meanwhile the Kingdom was invaded by very cruel enemies who asked the people so much gold to free the King and Princess. Then Riccio, thanks to his waistcoat, manages to fill the bags with gold coins and save the people, the king and Princess Margherita The story has a happy ending with people celebrating Riccio who, most probably, will marry the Princess Margherita


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