Il Musicista Matto

Ganzerla Cristina

Besetzung Kinderchor, Akteur und Instrumenten
Format: libro
Titel Il Musicista Matto
Komponist Ganzerla Cristina
Genre Propedeutica
Schwierigkeit I
Code N° WKY11052
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Book - 50 pages • Language Text: Italian • For Children's Choir • Child Actor • Musical Instruments • (Instruments used: • Recorder • Bb Clarinet • Violin • Piano • metallophone • Percussions •) The musical fairy tale "The Mad Musician" was composed for the propaedeutic music in primary schools and preparatory courses in schools of music, by the extreme simplicity of writing and ease of understanding and interpretation, it is possible to involve children in the nursery. The twelve songs are alternated by funny exercises or personalize cards that are designed to stimulate creativity and instrumental practice of children, the drawings represent the characters in the story and have been deliberately left black and white to allow the small interpreters to color them. The instrumental parts for flute, violin, clarinet and piano are very simple and achievable by students who have just started practicing on the instrument. The parts of the drums are almost always obstinate and can also be interpreted by pupils from the nursery. Younger students can exchange opinions, considerations, and the final number of characters, designs and suggestions on the facebook page "of the mad musician's friends", it is recommended the teacher to encourage children to this "new" practice, in order to further develop a healthy creative confrontation. The Author


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