I Viaggi di Monsieur Sax

Manuzzi Roberto

Besetzung Saxophone Quartett
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titel I Viaggi di Monsieur Sax
Komponist Manuzzi, Roberto
Genre Jazz
Schwierigkeit IV
Dauer 00:13:00
Code N° WKY13023
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Score 33 pag. • For Saxophone Quartet (SATB) Suite in 5 Movements • Danza Bulgara • Beguine Nocturne • Roumanian Interlude • La Ragazza di Nanchin • Tarantella, Giga e Finale • The movements that make up this suite narrate, in a wide variety of musical styles and influences, the travels of an imaginary saxophonist of this century (or previous) The music describes in an evocative manner different situations: a trip on the Orient Express or in a city in China during World War II, the devastation at Ground Zero in New York, the magic of a sunset in Capri, seaside resorts on the shores of the Black Sea, always with an eye full of melancholy and wonder. The Works can also be performed individually.


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