Havdala (Thème et Variations)

Lellouch Laurent

Besetzung Gitarre Allein
Format: A3
Titel Havdala (Thème et Variations)
Komponist Lellouch, Laurent
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit V/VI
Dauer 00:05:30
Code N° WKY0968
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky
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Buch - 4 Seiten - 2nd Prize ex-aequo - Cat. D - 10th International Composition Contest for solo Instrument "Euritmia" at Povoletto (Italy) 2009- The work is composed of seven variations on a traditional jewish theme, which is sung on saturday evening, at nightfall. The song is based on the harmonic progression called "Andalusian Cadence". The variations progressivelly move away from this original harmonic progression until var. 4 which is atonal, but the original theme is many times implicitly present. The last variation is like a cadenza, free, without the rythmical structure of the other ones, and the original theme and tonality come back.


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