Sabbetti Antonio

Besetzung Trompete und Streichorchester
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titel Haendeliana
Komponist Sabbetti, Antonio
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit I
Code N° WKY14042
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Score pag. • This short Sonata for Trumpet and String Orchestra, (so far always performed with the piccolo trumpet), inspired by the seventeenth-century style and dedicated to the great German composer, was created to compensate for the lack of specific compositions for this small but not easy instrument. This composition expresses a sweetness from the beginning "of another era," especially in the Adagio where the interpretative qualities of the performer are highlighted. The third tempo, a major virtuoso development of the opening theme, highlights the skills of the musician, put to test by the baroque texture and the amazing sound power demand required at the end of the piece.


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