Della Fonte Lorenzo

Besetzung Blasorchester
Format: A3
Titel Exortus
Komponist Della Fonte, Lorenzo
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit IV
Dauer 00:06:30
Code N° WKY9503
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


This composition obtained the First Prize at the 1994 European Composition Contest for Young Wind Band instituted by the Luxemburg Music Federation and the Young Band of Petange. Exortus is probably the most performed piece of Lorenzo Della Fonte. It is a symphonic movement with two themes: the first of the two themes is rhythmic and lively, in an asymmetrical tempo, the second (in the middle) is melodic and more intimate, entrusted exclusively to the oboe solo. The third part takes up the first theme, with increasingly pressing rhythmic and harmonic variations, up to a short final where the two melodies, for a moment, overlap. The title comes from the Latin motto "Magnus exortus east clamor," or "It arose a great clamor," a reference to the '90s, when the Symphonic Bands were drastically changing their repertoire.


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