Bolero pour Clarinette

Blemant Louis

Besetzung Klarinetten Chor und Blasorchester
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titel Bolero pour Clarinette
Komponist Blemant, Louis
Arrangiatore: Gerosa, Mario
Genre Trascrizione
Schwierigkeit III/IV
Dauer 00:05:30
Code N° WKY13060
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Deluxe Score 23 pag. • For Bb Clarinet 1-2-3 and Symphonic Band • Although the information on Louis Blemant (1864-1934) are few and hard to find, it is sure that his fame has crossed the borders of France during his lifetime. One of his best known pieces is "Bolero pour Clarinette". This piece was also released on LP by the record company Odeon with the well-known Pierre Lefebvre (1898-1983) as a clarinet soloist and the same Louis Blemant conducting the orchestra. In Italy Alessandro Vessella (1860-1929), author of manuals of harmony and Band orchestration, transcribed this piece for Wind Band calling it "BOLERO for Clarinets in B flat "; Vessella's original manuscript is preserved in the Capitolino archive of music manuscripts of Rome •


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