Gianoncelli Bernardo

Besetzung Blasorchester
Format: A3
Titel Bergamasca
Komponist Gianoncelli Bernardo
Arrangiatore: Arrigoni, Franco
Genre Trascrizione
Schwierigkeit III/IV
Dauer 00:05:55
Code N° WKY0723
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


From the Ancient Dances and Areas for lute by Ottorino Respighi, Second Suite - The "Bergamasca" is part of the second suite of areas and dances originally written for lute and freely transcribed by Ottorino Respighi for symphonic orchestra. The transcription respects the typical harmonic features of that period by using harmonic passages which were frequently used even though considered errors by the accademic circle. Bernardo Gianoncelli, also known as "Bernardello", lived between the end of the fourth century and the beginning of the fifth in Venice. After his death some of the compositions for lute he had left behind were published by his wife, Lucrezia Gianoncelli, in 1650. "La Bergamasca" is a very ancient italian dance, with a binary tempo and of a bright nature, built on a ground bass or obstinate bass.


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