Angelica e Medoro Op. 75/C ( Poema Sinfonico )

Chillemi Carmelo

Besetzung Symphonie Orchester
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titel Angelica e Medoro Op. 75/C ( Poema Sinfonico )
Komponist Chillemi, Carmelo
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit I
Dauer 00:10:50
Code N° WKY12014
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Symphonic Poem for Symphonic Orchestra Op.75/C • based on Orlando Furioso (the Frenzy of Orlando) is an Italian epic poem by Ludovico Ariosto published in 1532• The Symphonic Poem "Angelica and Medoro" was the clear intent of the author to compose a work that reflects the actuality of the story, because the story told by Ariosto offers itself as an easy excuse to focus on the many religious and social conflicts contrasting Western Society to Islamic societies of the East. The two protagonists, meeting and relating, discover that love can bridge any distance and overcome any ideological and cultural borders. The story of Angelica and Medoro, therefore, has a happy ending that is an appeal of hope and a voice of positivity for a future in which, in the name of the noblest sentiments, all partisanship and intransigencies are recomposed. The composer has used a melodic style of music as a pivot of the whole musical action, creating an atmosphere of sound which is clearly "Mediterranean", in homage to the best Italian tradition, whose rediscovery of values can foresee the trend to a rebirth of music !


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