Zaffaroni Danilo

Besetzung Klarinetten Chor
Format: Partitura e Parti
Titel Albedo
Komponist Zaffaroni, Danilo
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit IV
Dauer 00:08:00
Code N° WKY14027
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


score 26 pag. • Description: The piece is divided into 2 sections (one slow and one fast) accumunated by the same melodic incipit: the same inspiration that gives however rise to two different thematic situations. Albedo means, in the physical realm, the reflecting power of a surface. It is actually closely related to the genesis of the piece but wants to indicate, in a general sense, that every musical inspiration is a reflection and manifestation of a depth, an "energy" of the human soul. Music, therefore, as "albedo" of our "I".


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