10 petites pièces elementaires

Waignein Andrè

Besetzung Klavier Solo
Format: libro
Titel 10 petites pièces elementaires
Komponist Waignein, Andrè
Genre musica classica
Schwierigkeit I
Dauer 00:10:00
Code N° WKY15051
Verlag Edizioni Musicali Wicky


Book 19 pag.• This small collection for piano brings together 10 short pieces. Despite the simplicity of the pieces, the ojbectif is double: to have the pleasure to play the piano but also to approach compositions of different characters. I tried to avoid excessive hand movements so that students can move with relative ease. The order of the pieces is not progressive. I simply composed the little pieces according to my inspiration. I also ignored the use of the "pedal" so that the teacher intervenes according to his own wishes. Good job and lots of .... pleasure. Musically André Waignein • comprises the following titles: 1 PETITE MARCHE 2 FIRST BLUES 3 ECHO 4 TURLURETTE 5 PETIT PÉRIPLE 6 CANTILÈNE 7 BADINAGE 8 GALOPIN 9 FLÂNERIE 10 NONCHALANCE


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