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  Romantische Ode Op. 139 (Romantic Ode) - Van Delft, Marc
Tipo: Banda
Titolo: Romantische Ode Op. 139 (Romantic Ode)
Compositore: Van Delft, Marc
Genere: musica classica
Difficoltà: IV/V
Durata: 00:07:00
Formato: Partitura e Parti
Codice: WKY12000
Editore: Edizioni Musicali Wicky
  The Romantic Ode has an ABA form.
The A section has more the movement of a lyrical piece, but with a broad gesture and a broad melody, a little hymn-like, especially the melody twist on bar 14 and beyond, the culmination and beginning of the anticlimax.
   The middle part [B] has more of a choral-like gesture, has an equally grand and broad character, perhaps a little bit English-Elgarian ...
   It consists out of 2 waves, 2 movements of climax and anticlimax. The second wave of course surpasses in its height the first wave.
    After that, the A section is repeated, but after the climax and the beginning of the anticlimax, the music is not going further to a low descent but there comes now a movement to a grand and majestic hymnal closing part.
   The work is a mixture of a solemn and a lyrical mood [the A-part], the lyrical character is of course romantic, but it has also a solemn and hymnal character, the character of a solemn hymn. That both together gives the work the character of an 'Ode'. In this case, not an Ode to God, the Emperor or the King, but an Ode to the girlfriend of the composer, the inspiration scours for the work ...
For that reason, it is also a 'romantic' Ode!! In the eyes (ears) of the composer, both the A and the B part have a very inspired, broad and appealing melody that hopefully will appeal to a wide audience and can carry them away...  

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