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"The Ambassadors of the Italian Music" is a project promoted by EMW Edizioni Musicali Wicky for the spread in the world of Italian classical music of our century through an extensive network of exchanges between artists. Important collaborations with agencies, organizations and foreign institutions allow the project to grow day by day, becoming fertile ground for a dense cultural exchange. The results obtained so far are amazing. They show that Italy, with its performers and its creations, has not ceased to amaze. The project involves conductors, soloists, symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, wind orchestras, instrumental ensembles, singers of any nationality etc. who in their program fit compositions that meet at least one of the following points: • Compositions of contemporary classical genre • Compositions of Italian composers of past eras that have not been spread and are not part the usual repertoire of soloists
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  Ali d'Arpa

Danieli, Irlando

  Les Preludes (Symphonic Poem)

Liszt, Franz

  Concerto ( for Violoncello and Orchestra )

Yakovlev, Pavel

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