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  Trenta Minuti - Michi, Piero
Formation: Trumpet
Title: Trenta Minuti
Composer: Michi, Piero
Genre: Educational
Size: Book
Code: WKY0617
Publisher: Edizioni Musicali Wicky
Score & Parts
  Method for Trumpet (book 24 pages) • Brass • Revised Edition 2015 • Language: English - Italian - French • The two rules for playing brass instruments. 1- Lip Position. Before warming-up, find the correct lip position in the low-pitched registry, where lip pressure does not help to produce the sound. 2- Air Speed. Learn to use the gap between the tongue and the palate to speed up the flow of air (but without increasing the amount). Daily practice with "Trenta Minuti", using these two rules will result in increased: flexibility, timbre, range and smoothness of sound. It will also give you the same intensity across all the three octaves of the instrument.  

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